Nice to meet you !

Hello ,

My name is Sarit and I am a mom of 4 kids.

Until two years ago I was a full time CFO in a big firm. This demanding job had left me very little time to spend with my family so, after my fourth delivery I decided to quit my job and work at home.

During my maternity leave, while spending time with my kids in the park, I met new moms who sought my advice on problems regarding the upbringing of their babies.

I felt very satisfied that I could share my experience with them so I decided to build a website, based on my own personal experience that will focus on the baby’s first year.

After a while, I expanded my site by adding new related subjects and at present it contains materials on baby showers, pregnancy, baby names, birth plan, breast feeding, baby product recalls, nursery design and many more.

I never returned to my old profession as I am completely satisfied with my new world.

You are invited to read my full story on My Practical Baby Guide.


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