Custom Bottle Labels for a Duck Baby Shower

Custom Bottle Labels for your Duck Baby Shower

Recently I started to design custom bottle labels for baby shower.

Since bottle shapes and sizes vary throughout the United States I designed labels that will fit two standard size water bottles.

Following these easy steps will help you choose the right size for your bottle:

  • Cut two pieces of paper : 2″ H  x 7 4/8″ W (small) and 2 1/8″ H  x  8″ W (large).
  • Wrap the pieces around  the bottles of your choice and use those that look best with the label size.

The label ends may overlap or have a small gap between them, either way is fine.

The label below, created in PowerPoint and  inspired by a picture of  row of ducks, is my recent design for a duck baby shower. Blues and yellows have been chosen  to suit a baby boy shower and pink and green for a baby girl.

Are you ready to print them?

1.Download my pdf file to your computer.
(Don’t have pdf –download here )


Print the File

3.Cut the custom bottle labels.

Cutting the strips

4.Line your label up as straight as you can along the side of the bottle.  Attach with either a single or double sided tape.

And voila…

Custom water bottle labels for a duck baby shower theme.

One final note..

If you plan to use these bottle labels I will be more than glad if you share your pictures with me.

I would love if you comment on  this post and finally if you are looking for more duck baby shower ideas please visit my website .

For more duck custom bottle labels visit Duck Baby Shower.


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